Albinaria (Filumna) elonensis Haas, 1951 | LIVCM.1965.141 [97] | Mollusca Types in Great Britain
Type Specimen

Albinaria (Filumna) elonensis Haas, 1951
Paratype(s) (possible)

Haas. 1951. On the Clausiliidae of Palestine. Fieldiana, Zoology. 31. pp.479-502. 89-96 [486-489; figs.91, 96B] [Original Description]
Current name: Cristataria elonensis (G. Haas, 1951) [source: MolluscaBase]
Classification: Gastropoda : Stylommatophora : Helicina : Clausilioidea : Clausiliidae
Type Status: Paratype(s) (possible) [Verified - ]
Collection: National Museums Liverpool (Salisbury Collection)
Catalogue No.: LIVCM.1965.141 [97]
No. specimens: 3
Type Locality: Elon, Upper Galilee
Collecting details:

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Haas. 1951. On the Clausiliidae of Palestine. Fieldiana, Zoology. 31. pp.479-502. 89-96 [486-489; figs.91, 96B] [Original Description]
Specimen Data
Point Locality: -
Continent: -
Country: -
State/Prov.: -
County: -
City/Town: -
Island Group: -
Island: -
Water Body: -
Sea Area.: -
Collected by: -
Collecting date: -
Ex. Collector: -
Expedition/Survey: -
Vessel: -
Sampling Method: -
Field No.: -
Field Notes: -
Altitude: -
Depth: -
OS Grid Ref.: -
Lat./Long.(verbatim): -
Decimal Degress: -
Curatorial Contact

Tony Hunter
Assistant Curator (Entomology)
National Museums Liverpool
World Museum, William Brown Street
L3 8EN

Email: Tony Hunter

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