Cyclostoma andrewsae Ancey, 1886 | NMW.1955.158.24199 | Mollusca Types in Great Britain
Type Specimen

Cyclostoma andrewsae Ancey, 1886

Ancey, C. M. F. 1886b. Une excursion malacologique sur le versant atlantique du Honduras. Annales de Malacologie. 2. pp.237-260 [251-252] [Original Description] [Type Designation]
Current name: Tudorisca andrewsae Ancey, 1886 [source: MolluscaBase]
Classification: Gastropoda : Littorinimorpha : Littorinoidea : Annulariidae
Type Status: Syntype [Verified - Harriet Wood ]
Collection: Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, Cardiff (Melvill-Tomlin)
Catalogue No.: NMW.1955.158.24199
No. specimens: 1 (Dry shells)
Type Locality: Île d’Utilla, République du Honduras [Honduras]
Collecting details: Ancey/ Geret; 1919
Wood & Gallichan, 2008: Type material: Syntype:- ‘Type’ NMW.1955.158.24199 1 spec. (e); Possible Syntype:- ‘Cotype’ RBINS.10591 1 spec. (ne) Type locality: Not given (‘Île d’Utilla, République du Honduras’ in the introduction of the paper) [M. Chas. T. Simpson] Remarks: Originally spelt andrewsæ. Ancey (1904f: 308) later put this species in the genus Colobostylus. He also disregarded the genus Chondropoma in which Kobelt & Möllendorff had placed it. Type evidence: The NMW specimen has a Geret type label bearing the type locality and Geret’s sales list indicates a type lot from Ancey’s collection was sold to Tomlin. The NMW specimen closely matches measurements given in the paper. The RBINS specimen has a Dautzenberg cotype label stating Geret ex Ancey and it is from the type locality. There are no Ancey or Geret labels present.

References are listed in chronological order. References containing the "Original Description" or "Type Designation" of Cyclostoma andrewsae Ancey, 1886 are highlighted in red.

Ancey, C. M. F. 1886b. Une excursion malacologique sur le versant atlantique du Honduras. Annales de Malacologie. 2. pp.237-260 [251-252] [Cited] [Original Description] [Type Designation]
Ancey, C. M. F. 1904f. Notes critiques et synonymiques. Journal de Conchyliologie. 52(4). pp.288-316 [308] [Cited]
Wood, H. & Gallichan, J. 2008. The New Molluscan Names of César-Marie-Felix Ancey including illustrated type material from the National Museum of Wales. Studies in Biodiversity and Systematics of Terrestrial Organisms from the National Museum of Wales. Biotir Reports 3. pp.i-vi, 1-162. 26 pls [24; pl.26; figs.5, v] [Cited] [Figured]
Specimen Data
Point Locality: Utilla Island
Continent: North America
Country: Honduras
State/Prov.: Gulf of Honduras
County: -
City/Town: -
Island Group: -
Island: Utilla Island
Water Body: -
Sea Area.: -
Collected by: -
Collecting date: 1919
Ex. Collector: Ancey/ Geret
Expedition/Survey: -
Vessel: -
Sampling Method: -
Field No.: -
Field Notes: -
Altitude: -
Depth: -
OS Grid Ref.: -
Lat./Long.(verbatim): -
Decimal Degress: -
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