Updates | Mollusca Types in Great Britain


  • Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives specimens now added - [29/07/2022]
    The type specimens held at Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives have been added to the site. Another British port city, Bristol's worldwide shell collection has survived two turbulent centuries. An introduction to the collection and curatorial contact details have also been added.

  • Tenby Museum & Art Gallery specimens now added - [29/07/2022]
    The type specimens in the historically significant shell collection at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery have been added to the site. A classic Victorian seaside resort, Tenby is the smallest town to be included in this project. An introduction to the collection and curatorial contact details have also been added.

  • Linnean Society of London specimens now added - [31/05/2022]
    The 576 shells held in the Linnean Society of London collection have been added to the data set.  Due to the uncertain provenance of much of the material, many of the types have been verified as possible type material but we hope that this will be a useful starting point for future research. Images of specimens and associated notes, especially those by Peter Dance, have been imported from the Linnean website. An introduction to the Mollusca collection at the Linnean Society and curatorial contact details have been added to the page on The Collections.

  • Mollusca Types of Britain & Ireland is back! - [15/12/2021]
    We are back! The project team have been busy ‘behind-the-scenes’ since our last update. We have been working, amongst other things, on bringing additional collections and type specimen data to the website. Visits to other Museums in Britain and Ireland are already under way, and we look forward to uploading new records over the course of the next year.

  • Montagu Collection at RAMM awarded "Designated" status by Arts Council England - [31/01/2020]
    We are pleased to share the news that the George Montagu shell collection at RAMM, Exeter has received Designated status from Arts Council England. This mark of distinction is awarded to outstanding collections (in any discipline) held by non-national museums in the UK. Just 152 collections have been Designated to date, and receive enhanced protection and attention as a result. This is a lasting legacy of our project and a good result for Natural History, with particular credit due to Holly Morgenroth and Graham Oliver for their work on the case.

  • National Museums of Scotland join the project - [17/12/2019]
    The first batch of over 50 types from National Museums Scotland have now been released on the site. Types of taxa described by J. C. Melvill and R. Standen have been verified and imaged by curator Sankurie Pye. An introduction to the Mollusca collection (held in Granton, Edinburgh) and her contact details have been added to the page on The Collections.

  • Mollusca Types in Great Britain to become Mollusca Types in Britain & Ireland - [19/09/2019]
    Fantastic news! We are delighted to announce the award of a further grant from The John Ellerman Foundation. Over the next three years this will allow us to review and include the Mollusca types in the collections of 12 additional partner museums in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. We will also be expanding the website and furthering links with global aggregators.

  • Presentations at the World Congress of Malacology 2019 - [19/09/2019]
    Our work was taken to an international audience this summer at the triennial UNITAS Malacologica World Congress of Malacology, this time held in California, USA. The presentations by Andreia Salvador and Harriet Wood received plenty of interest from researchers and curators from the US and around the world.

  • Paper in Journal of Natural Science Collections - [18/09/2019]
    A paper describing the 2016-2018 phase of the project appeared in Vol. 6 of the Journal of Natural Sciences Collections, published by NatSCA, the Natural Sciences Collections Association.

  • New data from National Museums Liverpool added - [11/09/2018]
    Over 500 type records from the collections at the World Museum, Liverpool have been added, drawn largely from the unpublished lists of past curator Ian Wallace. The records include many of type material now lost to science due to bombing in the 1939-1945 war.

  • Data from Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales added - [03/07/2018]
    Over 430 primary types, complete with images, from Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales have been added. These include types of J. C. Melvill, J. R. le B. Tomlin, P. G. Oliver, and others. The contribution includes many more taxa described in the 20th and 21st centuries, types from several additional countries, and the database's first cephalopods!

  • Charts made dynamic - [21/06/2018]
    The charts in "Analysis of Collections" have now been made dynamic to reflect the addition of new data, and the text has been rewritten accordingly.

  • New data from Leeds Museums & Galleries added - [19/06/2018]
    A further 52 records of material researched as part of the project, mainly secondary types (paratypes, etc.) from Leeds Museums & Galleries, have been added.

  • New data from Manchester Museum added - [18/06/2018]
    Since March 2018 over 300 records of mainly secondary types (paratypes, etc.) have been entered from McGhie (2008). This takes the Manchester Museum total to over 480 records.